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Thank you so much for the edited pictures!! They are wonderful!!! I really appreciate your hard work and the special touches you two have provided!! Thank you!!! ~ Rachel

I really appreciate the opportunity to have worked with you these past couple of weekends, itís really been fun and educational.  I am looking forward to staying in touch for the next year at some of the local photo clubís.  I have only played Santa for the past two years and you have been the best photographers that I have had the pleasure to work with.  You get better images and have more fun than any of the others that I have worked with. ~ Lex


Q - Why should I hire a professional photographer instead of my friend or co-worker?

A - While sometimes you may "luck out" and get a few good images of your special event, you may also experience the heartbreak of a dear friend of mine. Ashley hired a friend who presented herself as a professional photographer to shoot her wedding (all film not digital). I also attended as a family guest, but out of respect for the hired photographer, did not take many images. After her special day, I received a desperate plea for help. Sadly, after paying this friend, no images were ever received. In addition, this friend spent the money she received. Now Ashley has been out the expense for what she thought would be professional quality pictures and received no images. It is important to know you have hired a professional. This is why membership to a professional organizations and training is important. Ask for references!

Q - Why do you shoot digital rather than film?

A - Read the story above. While digital may have its limitations in some areas, they are nothing that can not be overcome with proper education and training on the part of your photographer. The benefit to digital is that your photographer can see right away if there is a problem with your images. Peace of mind is very important to you and your photographer.

Q - What are you prices?

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